Disabled man facing a Pending eviction, Utilities to be cutoff.

RCH, Bear, Del

Hurricane Sandy came to my particular area and check everything down. I have not had the best of health and I'm right now on Social Security disability. So many people have lost their homes lost their lives lost their livelihoods because of the storm and the economic situation in general, Is very poor at best. I had a very bad health event two days before Thanksgiving and spent the entire holiday in the hospital alone. In 2008 I became a double stroke survivor, One ischemic and one hemorrhagic, Through being as careful as I can be and always mindful of my health I have survived longer than most patients who have survived these types of strokes. Because of my declining health I was unable to continue to be a safe driver and relinquished my ability to drive By selling my car. I did not know at the time that the reason my mobility declined was due to damage to my sciatic nerve. Now being on Medicare limits my options on adequate treatment. I have had to decide to choose between rent food medication. I asked for extensions and attempted to find rental assistance from several different government entities and faith-based situations. I have three dollars in my current bank account. I have no food in my refrigerator and freezer. It is 26°C outside of my apartment at this time. I have no family or friends to rely on and no caregivers. I always thought that I could just walk where I needed to go or catch public transportation but that was when I was more mobile and did not have issues with my sciatic nerve. I fear the potential for homelessness will happen to me any day now any assistance by anyone would be much appreciated and I realize from the plight that I'm going through at this time that immediately upon getting on my feet or receiving any sort of windfall I will pass all of my blessings on to others who are in need. I am 46 years old and never believed that I would ever be alone disabled and in need of assistance. I have no family or friends to rely on. I am a tech geek trapped in my home, reaching out to others praying I can receive any type of assistance of any size from anyone.