Devorce, starting a new life

Moesje, The Nethe

Dear people with a great heart! At the age of 51 I lost my job and for the first time in my life I am an unemployed citizin. It is hard to find a new job, because in the B2B world I worked for (sales/account manager) they give all the changes to the younger ones. But I will not give up and use my network as best as possible. In the meantime my mother died this summer after a long time of illness, she did not have a funeral Insurance and that costed a lot of money. There is no saving money left now. One month after my mother was passed away, my husband decided after 11 years of marriage to choose for an other life. To start a new life in a new city and finding a home for me and my 2 cats (11 years old) I really need money. Expenses for devorce (lawyer), relocation costs, furniture, washing machine, upfront payment to rent an appartment etc. If I can find a new location in a bigger city it gives me more changes to find a job. Because of the fact that I have a unemployed benifit, the banks in the Netherlands do not give a loan. They do not see the unemployed benifit as an income. I tried everything on the internet to get a loan, but that's all scamm and fraude. So please if there are people with a great-good heart, donate me and I can start a new life. I can assure you that it is'nt easy at my age, but I am a strong woman and believe that there are others in this world who would like to help. God bless you all!!