FAMILY LO, Californi

I'm a single young mom I am a medical student with two awesome kids we recently lost a great man in our lives that provided for us we love and miss his so sooo soooo much words can not explain our pain and devastation. It hurts worse to know I cant provide a christmas for my kids this year it's bad enough their father is gone but the holidays throws another stone at our already aching hearts. I can't afford their winter clothes christmas dinner or presents. We have a tree up that their father placed up but no gifts for the kids this is heartbreaking for me as a mother I'm quitting school for now so I can provide for them but I just wish I could take their pain away and give them a christmas their father would have given them. I don't know what to do I'm at a lost trying to stay strong for my kids but even now writing this I can't stop crying I've never asked for anything in my life but with no family to help and the only options being welfare later I can't help but break down. Please anything will help I dont care about my needs just need enough for my kids thank you so much and God bless you in advance.