desperately needs medical assistance

Bridgett , Florida

please help! my name is bridgett & i'm from florida the reason fror my beg is to desperately raise money for a surgical precedure.,i am suffering from a severe stomach condition that urgently needs medical attention i have no health insurance i goes to the emergency room seeking medical attention,but can't get the medical attention i need by medical practitioners& other medical sources my condition is serious that i fear for the worst that this chronic condition will kill me but it gets ignored. i am mistreated because of lack of health insurance i also gets discrimminated against because of lack of health insurance i know that there are some good samaritans in the world that i could please get the donations i need to raise the money so i can be scheduled & be admitted into the hospital so i can have my surgery done because i know someone out there cares by me writing this beg this is a cry for help and i really need someone's help in my hard times please help me!