Desperately Need Money To Pay Off Monthly Installments

Chris, Portsmout

Hello to whoever it may concern. I am in desperate need of any amount of money right now. I have got into quite a bit of debt. I became unemployed and still am, I cannot pay off the monthly installments that I was paying when I had a job. Trying to find work is getting ridiculous and having letters through the door demanding money is really getting to me. I am a good payer usually. Also with not being able to pay is making my credit rating poor which means I am probably unable to get a loan. (Which I don't want) because that'll get me into even more debt. I can't list in eBay because of restrictions in not being able to pay my fees. EBay was the only money making source for me if I was lucky. I don't really have anything much to sell anyway. I don't want to go down the road of getting paid to make love with a man for money (not being homophobic) I know there are websites where I can get in contact with men to do that for cash. I am straight and as any human both straight or gay are worried about my sexual health which may be at risk by doing those things. I found this website, so I guess this is my only hope and finding a job. Any amount given would be much appreciated. Feels like a black cloud over my head having this to pay off. If you do make a donation, may I take this opportunity to thank you so much for your kindness.