Desperately Need Help To Pay For Prescription Medications!

CFS-FIBRO, Minnesota

I am 49 years old and live on $710 a month in SSI--I became ill before I had paid the “full amount” into Social Security and so cannot collect Social Security Disability. I’ve managed to live on it for some time--sparsely, but adequately. I take pride in being able to live on so little--have no debts or outstanding bills. Due to recent changes in healthcare laws, however, I have lost the portion of my medical coverage which covers the cost of prescription drugs. My medications, which keep my chronic condition partially in check, cost nearly $600 per month (one of them, Lamictal, is $7.68 per pill!). Since January I have had to pay for them in cash or make other arrangements. Until now, I have been able to get my medications through patient assistance programs, samples provided by my doctors, and discounts offered by a very helpful pharmacy. I also received one month’s supply of medication through an area hospital’s “patient emergency fund”, which was a one-time only program. But I have now exhausted all of the resources available in my rural area. Until January of next year, when “Obamacare” begins to take effect, I must find a way to pay for my medications (even then, I do not know if prescription medication coverage will come back into effect). So right now I can buy my medications--or buy food. I can buy my medications--or pay my rent. I can buy my medications--and perhaps have enough left over to pay the utility bills. My needs are small. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, neither drink nor smoke nor use illicit drugs. I rely on friends for transportation--no bus or public transit here. It has always been difficult for me to ask for help, even from friends. Just asking for a ride seems like a major imposition to me and here I am about to ask for money from strangers. Forgive me--I feel that I have no other choice. I have said that my medications cost $600 per month. I believe that if I can come up with $500 per month I should be able to make it as I hope to be able to get a few samples and discounts in the coming year. Right now, however, I have nothing. Just a terrible looming expense on May 1st. Any help at all will be appreciated beyond words. You will be helping me to stay healthy. May God bless you for that.