Desperate times, trying to pull myself out of a mess.

Dawn, Michigan

I can't catch a break this year unfortunately. I have a 3 year old daughter who I get no help for, and I have tapped out every resource to provide. I finally landed a great job, but the paycheck that was supposed to be in the mail this week (their office is in Cali) is a no-show. I have no gas to get to work, so I may have to call in and I just got the job 2 weeks ago so it's not the best time to be calling in. It was hard enough to land something that may potentially support the two of us! To make matters worse I've been late twice on my rent and if I'm late again, we will be getting evicted. Any help at all, big or small donations, would be forever appreciated. I am in a bind, and just need enough to make it to work and back for a few days so I don't lose the job I worked so hard to get.