Desperate need of money!!

BROKE, Odisha, I

I'm a teenager and both my parents are unable to work because of their health condition. My mom has a very high asthma problem that doesn't even let her walk for 2 minutes and my dad has recently gone through a heart attack but he survived. He has low blood pressure now and is really sick. We're broke. I'm not the only daughter. There are 2 more who are younger to me. We've tried asking for loans too but that didn't work. We don't really have relatives who can help us. Even the school re-admission fee haven't been paid by us. And the rent, electricity bill etc. We hardly get something good to eat. We're super broke and at this age, I'm not even able to work neither focus on my studies because of so much problems. This is the only way that can help us now. Will be grateful if someone helps us. Thanks for your time!!. Waiting for responses, I hope we get some!!