desperate former student needs to pay off fees or could be in danger

Desperate, Victoria

I have had quite the crazy year. I started university, but because of compounded anxiety problems, depression, and a poisonous home situation i dropped out soon after. since then i had moved out of my parents house, only to run out of money and have to move back. I still have outstanding fees for university, and if i dont start to pay by the end of this month It will be sent to a collection agency, which will then bring my parents into the picture and could bode very badly for me and my situation. added on top of that, due to my social anxiety, and lack of previous job experience, i havent been able to get any sort of reliable income. I am currently trying to get started with a company that would allow me to work from home, aka the perfect situation for me, and surprise surprise it has a few costs to signing up. I am pretty desperate at this point, so anything helps. if you feel like you can help, please do so, it would mean the world to me. and feel free to ask me any questions you have about this thank you in advance.