Desperate and broken girl

Dora, Tenerife,

I'm only 24 now and i born in Hungary. I moved to England at 2008 with £800 and didn't speak english. I searched job for 2months every day and Someone believed in me and gave me a job and i made my dream. I learnt english and i became a restaurant manager later a personal assistant. 2014 summertime i moved to Spain with 2 of my friend, we had lot's of hope and plans. I wanted to learn spanish and italian and make my own business here. And live here just be happy After 1 month everything went wrong, the agency who rented the house for us disappeared and we found ourself on the street, i lost my job and 1 of my friend as well. We both start to search and got a new job in a month time. I'm working on the market every day if i can get a table and really enjoying it. Last 10 days i couldn't get table so couldn't sell my product. I bought a 18years old fiat punto for €900 and it got stolen 2weeks ago. so now every day i'm walking down to the market with a huge luggage and hoping today they will have space and i will get a table and make money. First time in my life that i couldn't pay the rent and have no money to eat. I would ask my family but they living in Hungary and they make really little money, can't tell them i'm in trouble and failed. I stil believe in myself if i can get myself to zero and pay back my credit card (i had to use to pay food and house) i will succeed and can live here. I know everything will be oke because i made it in England i must do it here. I'm raising €1.600 this will help to start to over and pay everything out. But if you can send only €1 it will mean the world for me. I would really appreciate it!! Thank you very much