Desparate to save family & small business

Desparate, London

Life looked very happy until I had a kidney failure at the end of 2010. I had a very happy family with 2 boys (now age 6 & 8), own house and fulfilling job. Life turned all upside down as I had to spend 3 days a week in a hospital for dialysis and couldn't continue job. My wife also had to stop working to look after kids and myself. I still feel that I have been blessed by god. My sister came all the way from Nepal to donate her kidney in London. I had to sponsor her and meet all the requirements of Home-Office UK. Despite the genuine medical case, her Visa was refused and I had to go through lengthy and costly appeal court. I won the case and she came in the UK last year. I had my transplant July 2012. at the same time, my elder son had to go Cardiac Surgery. Now, I have recovered very well. I started small Restaurant business beginning of this year. Due to the poor economical climate I am struggling to keep going on. To carry along family together seems very tough at this moment. I have come through a very difficult time in the last few years and as a family we have pulled through out very confidently. But, now as all the money has drained out I am genuinely struggling to keep my family and business together. My mortgage payment is also in arrear. I would appreciate if someone can offer me some funds to get through this difficult moment. I assure I am not expecting anything for free. I will return the funds back as soon as my restaurant makes some profit. I am willing to send you pictures or official documents to support above statement. Pls. feel free to contact me at Regards with hope of life. Raj