Dental work and bills don\'t go well together.

DaveWants, UK

I see a lot of stories on here, I'm sure the majority of them are true but I won't bore you all with a sob-story, just with the facts as they are. I work, I pay bills, but I'm in a lot of pain. The dentist says I need quite a bit of work done and that it is going to cost a little over £1000 including all treatment and an implant. I simply can't afford all of this and have had to put it on hold, but the longer it is on hold, the worse the problems will be. If anyone out there is willing to help, all I can do is express extreme gratitude. I do try to save and pay my own way but with landlords increasing rent and insurance going up at the same time, I can never seem to save much to get this sorted before it all gets used again. You will have my endless appreciation if you're willing to help me. Thank you in advance folks.