Dental issues no insurance

Single mo, Louisiana

When I was 7 my front tooth was knocked out in an accident. My father had the doctor insert the dead front tooth back in with a root canal. It has caused so many problems like decay and extractions and more root canals. It has been a downward spiral ever since. My ex husband did help with temporary fixes and I even have braces on but, now I'm dealing with old issues that have come back. The temporary bonding has worn away and I'm dealing with decay no matter what I do. A post is also sticking out the backside of my front tooth. I'm distraught and at a dead end:( it's not fair how life has played out for me and all I want is a normal pretty smile so that I can have confidence in myself. It could potentially be a life saver because of the confidence that I would gain. PLEASE HELP ME:( THIS IS MY LAST RESORT. I may lose the teeth that I have been fighting to keep. I am now 33 and tired of having this issue:(.