Dental Emergency

LaTrice, Long Isla

Unfortunatley I have had major issues with my teeth due to heredity since early childhood. Being made fun of, not being able to eat certain foods, and tooth aches had became a regular thing for me. My parents did the best they could for me as a child focosing on my smile firstly, but little by little my teeth were still dwindling away. So now at 29 I am still battling dental issues and my insurance covers bare minimal of the services I need performed. So to ease the pain I had to face my fear and ultimately get 70% of my teeth pulled. My dentist stated that if I want to be able to eat again and have a decent smile I will need dental surgery and dentures or implants totalling about $10,000. I am asking for your help to raise funds to help pay for my dental surgery. Any help in any amount will be so much appreciated! Thank so much for taking out the time to read my stor