Dental disease


Hello, my name is Katy an i am raising money for my friend/roomate who is in need of dental work. She is a poor college student without insurance. She really needs dental help bad. I started a charity page for her all benefits are going to her. Nothing is associated to my name, everything will be honestly given to her. I just want her to be happy with herself and stop feeling sorry for herself. Her teeth are deteriorating at an alarming rate. She doesn't smoke or drink and i can't understand why this is happening to her. She is a poor college student without insurance and who needs help. Lately she has been losing her teeth because now the problem has been affecting her gums and health. Her teeth are rotting away and it makes her breath smell bad because now she has puss that smells really bad when it leaks. I've seen her abuse painkillers because she can't deal with pain. I don't want to wake up and find out she has overdosed. Please if you can help even pennies will count. Many people have been cruel to her for it, so if you can help please do, if not we understand. Thanks!!