Dedicated person needs help!

HelpTheHe, USA

I have given so much to society, all I'm asking is a small return. I have done charity work, I have volunteered for numerous projects, I have helped kids in school, I have helped the elderly, I have helped people get the supplies they need for living. Now, I have a need. I'm in the breadbasket of the U.S. and I have an environmental illness which is the result of new agrichemicals that the farmers in my rural community have begun using over the last few years. Help me buy a used motorhome so I can fix it up, move in, and drive to the desert where I won't be sick all the time and living on allergy medicine. Lots of people do it, now it's my turn. I'm a qualified handyman, so buying a used RV and doing the necessary repairs is not a problem as long as the engine is in good service. The rest I can handle. Help the helper! I have helped so many people. Now I need the help. It feels so good to help someone in need. Thank you so much! Click the Paypal button now.