debts left from abusive ex

Helpholli, Uk

During my teens I met a guy who minipulated me into what I believed was a loving relationship. Within a year we were making plans for our future and I couldnt have been happier. The relationship went from loving to abusive very quickly and i spent the next 2 years scared and isolated from friends and family. Eventually I found the courage to leave and started to get my life back on track - starting with the years I'd missed whilst being beaten black and blue by a vile thug. Physically I have moved on but mentally I can't due to the amount of debt he racked up in my name. A car, credit cards, loans - you name it, he did it and I'm still paying for a relationship that almost ruined me. I have since found out I'm not the first female he has done this to and I'm sure I won't be the last... all I want to do is put a horrible part of my life behind me but all the bills that come through each month are just a reminder of how much he is still in my life. I will never clear this on my own. Please help, I just want to move on xxx