Help me k, Czech Rep

Hello everyone, my name is Martin, im 29 years old and im from Czech Republic. I need money so i can pay my debts and keep my house on my own.. If i wont pay my debts in few months i will lose the house and i will go with my disabled father to street.. My debts have arisen, when my father was fired from work and i was the only one at home who have some sallary.. But it was not enough to pay all bills so i lend some money, then again and again and again until i started to fall in financial hole deeper and deeper.. Im not lazy, im working 12 hours a day, but most part of my sallary goes to court enforcement of debts and little part of it is for me and my father to stay alive (food,meds).. My debts were about 7000$, but after time, interests and court expenses they raised to 25000$!!! I'm paying from my sallary every month about 800$, but this is still not enough.. I tried to find someone who can lend me this money to pay it of all immidietly so i can repay him monthly about 400$ to have a normal life,but unsuccesfully.. I really hope, that someone will try to help me.. Its really shame for me to beg money this way, but it's my last chance before i'll get on street and lost my job.. Thanks for every dollar you donate.. I'm accepting paypal: And if you want to ask me about everything just write on my email: