Debt trap

Adam, London

First I would like sorry for my English. Is not very good but I'm still learning. I'm writing to you because I desperately need help. I'm in debt-trap. I owe about 15000 GBP. This include debts for my family, girlfriend but also commercial creditors like credit cards, personal loan, and payday loans. I'm honest this is consequence of my bad decision. My fault... Now I feel like my life has no sense. Every day I wake up witch brain full of scare. Nobody knows about my problems, is big shame and I want sort it out by myself. I'm IT technician self-employed based in London. I also could get any extra job, but feel paralyzed. Your Help could bring me back to life, I could pay off all my creditors, repair relationship witch family and maybe girlfriend. I also could start my own business, dreaming about IT emergency, a 24hrs technician support for small businesses and individuals. Can Yeu help me ??