Debt, illness and unemployed

Money hel, London

Hi I have never done this before but this is my only and last option. I have been depressed and overly stressed for years. Mainly because i put others first but no one cares enough to think about me. It made me ill with a stomach ulcer and weakened my immune system to th point that i get very easily ill with colds and bugs. Because i am ill i lost my job. Well they didnt provide sufficient heating or air con for either weather condition and made me badly sick. I fought for my health and saftey rights but again no one cared because it would cost them money. So here i am looking for work, trying to get my health better but thats a struggle with a huge burden of debt on my head due to no work available and on the brink of being evicted.i have no where to go and soon my car will be taken so i wont even have that to sleep in and a fat chance of ever getting a job. I am at the point of thinking whats the point of living! This is my last chance of hope of a life. If anyone is kind and caring enough to donate to help a 23 year old girl out i would really appreciate the chance of a life.everyone deserves a chance of life despite how cruel it can be. Even the governement cannot care enough to help. I always thought life wasnt about money but it kinda is to survive. Its quite sad but i really want a good future if only i can get back to stable. Thank you.