Debt Crisis due to Health Crisis

Tom, UK

Three years ago i was diagnosed as Bipolar and OCD on top of a immune system deficiency after a dramatic and life changing mental breakdown costing me my job, livelihood and security. For people who understand Bipolar and its affects i hope you can appreciate how badly this can affect people.I have always helped others where i have been able to but this time i have fallen on hard times due to no fault of my own. My family are currently unable to help me and i have fought to stay afloat for the last two years. I am currently struggling greatly financially due to paying high interest levels on debt accured. The debt accrued has been so by simply providing myself food and paying my bills and mortgage and not because of careless spending. I am a proud person but am finding it increasingly difficult to chip away at the £3000 i owe and have been having hell trying to meet the interest payments each month. As a result of this debt i am having to sacrifice food to meet these payments which is further damaging my well being. If anyone out there feels they could donate i would be forever grateful, i have worked so hard to get back on top of things and this is truly standing in my way or recovering. I am hopeful that i will be classified as fit enough to go back to work next year i just hope i am able to make it till then xxx