One Love, United St

Hello, While my story is a long one, I will break it down briefly. I am a college student whom simply can't afford college. With tuition going up each's been harder and harder. So, I was searching for other ways of making money besides working, and turned to the worst possible solution....gambling. I got so addicted, that I lost more money then I should of. It took awhile to realize what I was doing was not only not working, but putting be financially down. Now with the holidays coming up, and another semester....I honestly don't know what to do. Now, I'm not expecting to make all my money back because between college and gambling I've lost around 40k. But, a dollar here and there would go a long way. I really thought gambling would not only get me out of the black, but help me start my dream of starting up a non profit organization. That, however is unlikely now due to my stupidity. I thank you for the time, and if I receive anything....I am truly thankful.