Daughter is getting evicted in the big City

Eviction , Michigan

I don't want to bore everyone with a long lengthy story, so here is the short of it. Daughter had a drug addiction a few years ago, she went to rehab and had been doing great. She moved to the big city with a friend and started working immediately. She has been covering all of her bills on her own. She has been in the city for 3 years now. She recently lost her job due to cutbacks. She is searching desperately for a job and has numerous interviews weekly. She is going to get evicted if she doesn't come up with 500.00. I have been sending money for a train pass and helping her buy groceries and helping her pay rent. My funds have gone dry. If she doesn't get a job soon, I'm afraid she is going to go into a depression and go back to using. Please, all we need is a little help. We would both be forever greatful.