Dark clouds of Money problems.

Irismarjo, The Nethe

dear reader, I try this way to reach people who might help us with a small donation, to push us into the right direction to a life without financial worries. 3 years ago we had just moved into a larger house because the one bedroom house where we lived was too small for the weekend visits of my step-children, when my husband lost his job. We thought that this term was short, but unfortunately due to the crisis there is no work for my husband, and he is still unemployed. Same time, my step-children were sent to us, and we had a 2-year trial and appellate fight to make sure that we got alimony from here and not that we had to pay here alimony for 2 children who live with us. This cosed us so much money, whit so little result that we still have to fill one financial gab with the other. I have tried a lot of different ways to get a loan from a bank or from a private person, only because i am the only one with a steady job, there is no way we will get a regular loan. The financial problems are getting worse now, and if i don't find a way to get money to pay the bills, we will loose the house. I find it harder and harder to see some light at the end of this tunnel. Every day i am scared for every car that stops in our street , thinking its the next debt collector for a big amount of money i had to pay. I hope there are some people reading this who could miss a little amount of money tho make it a little bit easier, or maybe some one who could offer us a longterm and low interest loan. Thank you for reading my story. Iris, The Netherlands.