Daily everyday living expenses

Mom Of Sp, Louisiana

Good Morning: So far I have received nothing but people asking for personal i information and trying to scam me. The point I cant seem to get across is if I am going as low as begging for money from strangers do they really thing I have money laying around to do this fee and that fee. My name is Tina. I am 39 years old. My divorce was just final a few weeks ago. My daughter and I left our home last year with nothing more than clothes and a dog who was smart enough to jump in the car. My ex is a very violent person and although he never hit me he was very cruel. And I have nightmares about what he did to my child while I was at work. Since then we moved in with my parents. I started my child into therapy as soon as I left and over the course of the year she has been treated for ADHD, emotional disorders, and is now on Bi Polar medications. I worked for about six months after I left but it soon wore me down so much I had to resign. Her disorders are so extreme that no one else wants to deal with then. So I am a stay at home mom. As a result I have no money. I spent a fortune in court over custody and visitation and child support. I just sold the only thing I had to sell which was my car to help pay off the lawyer. But I am going back to school in January to get my BA in Psychology. Parents wont help with money. Which brings me to this last resort. Now that being said I am a real person. I have posts on Word Press. I am on twitter and facebook. I am not interested in doing anything illegal. I do not have a bank account. And no money to send to anyone. If you need anything else let me know. thood1972@yahoo.com