Current computer is going to broke, soon

New compu, Szeged -

Hello to All! My reason is to come to this site, because i have nowhere else to go. My Name is Zoltán Csanda, I'm an entrant IT-system manager/Web developer, living in Szeged-Hungary. I would like to buy a new computer, becuse the current notebook is starting to brake down and getting old (hdd has bunch of bad sectors and it is 5 year old) Because i'm an entrant i'm on minimal wage, not even enough get a loan from a bank. I'm living with 2 flatmate, and my salary is barely enough to pay utilities and buy food. So nothing left at the end of the month to save up. I need the new computer to do my side-job and to continue my youtube channels (below). On my current computer takes 4 times more to export than the actual length of the video. Due to the my job I spend all day before computers and my main entertainment is also coming from my pc, playing games with friends, watching a good movie in the evening and the performance is terrible. So to the dirty finances. At current rates i would need at least ~500 euros ~600 US dollars to get a decent computer or 100 euros for downpayment of a loan. I would greatly appricieate for any help any of you could provide. Thank you for reading this and have a good day! P.S.: Restore my faith in humanity! Zoltán Csanda