crisis for young girl

Poppy, England

I am a just a young girl who has met with a huge crisis ,i had a very good job working overseas making enough money to live comfortably and pay my £13000 worth of debt ,2 months ago i lost my job in not te nicest way and have had to return home to lodge with family ,i have applied for hundreds of jobs from cleaning to roles similiar of the job i just lost ,i have only recieved 1 interview and was advised i wanted suited to the post.i am recieving only job seekers of £60 per week and cannot pay my debt ,i am now in bigger trouble as have taken out payday loans to try and survive i am juggling debts daily and simply cannot reach an agreement with these payday loan lenders - i have 6 now!i recieve threatening phone calls and letters every day and i am so worried about these peole coming to my family home and frightening my elderly relitives,i now dont know where to go or what to do,i borrowed some money of a friend who needs this back in 2 weeks for a holiday she needs to pay ,i simply do not have it or have the means to get it,i cry every day and havnt slept for weeks.please help me get out of this mess.