Copays and percriptions

Mark, Colorado

I never though id have to do this but here goes... I need money to pay my Dr's Co-pays and Prescriptions. I'm filing for SSI and without seeing doctors and shrinks i dont have a very good chance of getting it. I have spinal stanosis, Degenerative Disks and herniated disks in my neck and back and that's what i do know so far. I have a Ankle that needed surgery over 15 yrs ago and never got it so it constantly goes out on me and forces me to walk with a cane when i can walk which is getting harder and harder day by day I also have Hypothyroidism, Chronic pain,Asthma, and suffer from Panic attacks and Depression. I cant handle being in public places without panic issues I live with a girlfriend of over 17 yrs who is disabled and i helped her raised her 2 kids so her income cant help me with any of my heath needs she pays all the house bills. Now I'm not able to work or receive Medicaid or any other assistance all i have is CICP. my copays run like $5-7-9 dollars and i use walmart pharm. so my meds run $4-10 dollars Now the Drs and Counselors are refusing to see me till i catch up on copays im behind almost $200 and all i can do is sit home and deal with the pain and calls from the bill collectors not getting it that i have no money... i dont even receive food stamps i get my share of food from food banks. If you know a way i can get the help please let me know. and please dont send me hate mail remember karma..