Completely broken, need emergency support.


I started my life as NATUROPATHY student on oct,2008. Before becoming a BNYS student I am a student of BA political science. In middle I planned to start a gym, yoga, beauty clinic and spa centres because of their business capacity. I started my steps to fulfill that idea. In between I saw many ups and downs. I tried hard but of no use. Because, everybody knows I am a bad student with 77%, 82% marks in my tenth and inter. Started my business with a friend for supporting my needs. Then I planned to become a doctor. Searched many ways. Some one suggested me 'BNYS is good for you'. Then I joined there in a dramatic way. Continued my studies. Dropped out from college due to many reasons. But the main one is economic crisis. Unfortunately, I got some opportunity to complete my education with a great support from our Principal sir. But I need money. I cant beg for it. I need to earn. Please give me your support improve my business to improve my career and to become a good Naturopath. Visit to know more about me.