Completely broke and might be on the streets this week

Abroad wi, Ireland

I came to Ireland to study and work, as I was told it was a good destination if you want to experience life abroad: cheap, with good wages and stuff. I spent a lot of money coming here, but the reality I found was completely different from what I was told. First problem I faced was the shortage of places to rent and consequently high prices on shitty rooms. The money I had lasted almost five months with no luxury. Rent, food and that was it. I had no luck with jobs either. Though I have a good level of English, I barely got interviews for work. In the first job I got I was sacked for no reason and they didn't even pay all the money they owed me. I found another job and after six weeks I got sick and missed two days of work, when I came back I had no job anymore. I kept looking for a job with no success and I'm coming back in a month. Luckily, I came here with a flight back, but I have no money to buy another ticket or change the date of the one I have - and I can't either, since I have things to solve here. My parents managed to send me some money a couple of months ago, but they can't send more. With high accommodation expenses, medical expenses and food, any money I made working and sent by my parents ended quickly. Aside that, I had some money stolen. My current situation is: I have around 10 euros and that's it. I'm crashing at a place with a guy I know, but I have to pay to stay here and anyway I can only stay until next Saturday, after that I'll have to find a hostel or another place to crash. I have asked help for everybody I could and my very few friends have done for me what they could - letting me crash at their place, letting me do my laundry and even sharing food with me, but I can't ask more. I don't have anything to sell, I have no talent or skills to busk or something and I'm not willing to prostitute. I've been trying to find a way to get some quick cash at least to have a shelter this week, but I can't find a solution. I'm really stuck here, I can't go home and I might be on the streets soon.