Complete College

Tcj2012, San Jose,

Hello, I'm here because I am trying everything in my power to obtain my bachelor's degree. I am a senior in college with a 16 month old child. I support my child & myself working full time. I am not on any type of state or federal assistance. I pay for our food, insurance, rent & medical all with my own hard earned money. I was able to complete the first 3 years of college with grants & my own saved money. I ran out of money & had to drop out to save up for the remaining year. My tuition alone is $30, 000 which I have saved up $22, 000. I had submitted my application for a grant hoping to get a little assistance but my application was not accepted. I must graduate this year or I will lose my first 3 years of classes. The deadline is this year which is why I am asking for any assistance. I just want to make a good life for my child & me. I want to set an example that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Thank you in advance for any help.