Community Pet Food Bank

Community Pet Food Bank serves over 10 counties in New York State. We provide feeding assistance to no-kill shelters and pet owners in need. Over 6 million pets a year are killed at shelters. Most of these animals are healthy, there just aren't enough homes for them. One of the leading reasons for leaving pets at shelters is the cost of feeding them. We can't save all of them, but we can help in our service area. The need is great and it is growing. Every dollar we receive goes directly to purchasing pet food and distributing it for free. Our mission is simple: To help pet owners keep their pets in a loving home and for those at a shelter to keep them alive. Please visit us at: Here you can contact us or see the other works we do. Community Pet Food is an outreach of the Benedictine Church an IRS qualified 508 (c) (1) (a), all gifts of support are tax deductible. Your help is desperately needed today.