I need to, Peabody,

======== STATEMENT DETAILS ========== Student Name --- [ LUCAS ] Account Name --- [ Student Account ] Account Number --- [ xxxxx0141 ] Amount Due --- [ $2,734.90 ] Due Date --- [ 10/23/2013 ] ===================================== My financial aid didn't go through because I'm unfortunately not a legal permanent residence or a citizen on the United States. Parents recently divorced and don't make enough to pay for the bills and pay for my education. I owe the school $2,734.90, if it's not paid my life is screwed. (Back Story) I was born in a small city in Minas Gerais, Brazil named Resplendor,My family and I migrated to the united states when I was 5 years old, been living here ever since. (if you want to personally contact me) thank you, if any of you help me or for just reading.