College Student in need of money for college & medical expenses

I have been accepted into the Brookhaven College Nuclear Medicine Tech Program.  I will be beginning the program in late August 2018.  I am trying to get enough money together to pay for uniforms, tuition, books and other associated fees. This program is intense! It is Monday thru Friday 8 hours a day just like a regular job so I will not be able to work 2 jobs or anything like that, my days during the week will be consumed of only school and studying. I work as a CNA in San Antonio and have decided to keep my job in San Antonio; I’ll be working doubles on the weekends to keep the insurance and have some money to support & feed myself, I can get back and forth from Dallas to San Antonio very cheaply via greyhound. I know it sounds insane but I can’t afford to find a job in Dallas and wait 3 months or however long it takes to qualify for their insurance, because I have an artificial heart valve and need to be on blood thinners insurance is a literally matter of life and death for me. With out the blood thinners I can have a stroke, I’m not being dramatic I’m just stating fact. Working doubles on the weekend will give me 60 hours per paycheck which will come out to roughly $469.80 60% will be going into an account I set up for schools, bills and other necessities I will need, the other 40% will be going to an account I will use to feed myself and buy toiletries and other little things. The extra money from this fundraiser will be going towards medical expenses. I have insurance and it covers 80% of the cost of all my medical expenses. However, I have an artificial heart valve and there are some issues with it, and the doctor wants to keep track of them with CT scans and MRI’s and 20% percent of those test is about $700. I also have something growing on thyroid, I nor my endocrinologist know exactly what it is yet. Because I am on blood thinners he doesn’t want to biopsy it unless it is absolutely necessary, so for every 3 months for a year he is going to do an ultrasound of my thyroid to track the growth. If the growth on my thyroid shows that it is growing he will then do the biopsy, the 20% of these ultrasounds I need to have will be about $600. No need to panic, we don’t know what it is that’s growing on my thyroid, it could even shrink now that I’m on the proper thyroid medication. I will be more than happy to email you any conformation you need to see that every word I said is true, or even set up a face to face meeting. Feel free to contact me at I am not asking for any large donation, just 1 dollar and a share on any social media account you might have if you feel so inclined. Also keep in mind any donation you make to me is tax deductible!!