College Books and Hope

Akrashia, Georgia

I've never been particularly infatuated with money, for my interests have always lied within the heart. But I can not deny circumstances and the practical value of money. I come from a poor family. My mother works at a laundromat to support us siblings. I wish for her ease, and I myself occasionally finding employment where I can to lessen the burden. But procuring a job now is not only difficult, but impractical given that I must attend to college. What I require most is some funds for college books. To speak frankly, I wish for this education to aid our situation. I want to succeed and bring us out of the circle of poverty, but finances continually weigh us down with chains. College has become increasingly expensive, and I worry for the cost it will have on our already meager lifestyle. I do not want money to have been the reason that I could not have had a proper education at college. All I wish is to get through this without being so hindered in my possible choices because money is an obstacle. At the least, books are the first step, and the most important first step. Thank you for your time.