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Mom of Bi, Louisiana

Gretting: My name is Tina and I'm a 39 year old full time mom of a 7 year old Bi Polar /ADHD child. I fled a abusive marriage of 8 years. With nothing more than the clothes on our back. I am living with parents who will not help. So we have no home of our own. No source of income. Had to quit my job because no one wanted to deal with my daughter. Her manic episodes are very violent. Her father pays child support when he feels like it and the court system wont help. Its a no win situation. I need to be there for her, but every organization I have tried has offered no help. So I am asking for any help anyone can give me. I dont wanna lose my car, Need money for gas and insurance, Planning on going back to College in January so need money to make that happen, and just day to day life. Plus I want my child to have a Christmas, So Please do what you can, if not thank you for reading my story and God Bless