Cliche But True, I'm a Starving Writer

Ausohj, Houston,

After leaving the military (honorable discharge), I thought finding work would be easy. Instead, I've been unemployed for over a year now. On the upside, this 'break' has given me the chance to complete my lifelong dream: write and publish a novel. I have completed 25 out of the planned 40 chapters but my funds are running dry. I am still looking for work wherever I can but my car broke down and had to be sold for scrap. In the meantime I eat just one meal a day. I am sick of noodles and cheap pizza but I can't afford anything else. I also have loans to repay. My mother took these loans out in my name but has stopped paying them after I revealed her cheating to my father. I can't afford the bills and the future just plain scares me. Help!