Christmas, KANSAS

I am pleading for your generosity! PLEASE HELP! My best friend has four wonderful children the oldest is in first grade. Just six months ago they lost their home and are living with their in laws. The money is so tight that she has only been eating one meal a day in order to make sure that the children have food on their plates. While I have been able to help her get food, the one thing she is lacking is money to buy her darling little children Christmas gifts. She is constantly giving her skills to the church and to those friend that need her help. But in her time of need I need help to help her give her children the Christmas that they deserve! I am broken hearted that I can not help her more than I already have. But the one thing we do believe is that God will provide for our needs. We are trusting God to use you to provide these little ones with Christmas gifts that will make their year a little easier.