christmas /house payment and bad luck

Please he, Texas

I have a granddaughter that I would get something for Christmas and my only daughter I can't afford to buy them any thing I lost my job cause my car broke down and I had to have a car for the job I had it was a delivery job so no car no job I tried to fix it was over heating I took to a shop they told me it was a fan it needed a computer part so I got the part it wasn't the problem so I put a new radiator in so it still didn't fix it I spent too much already I had pay my power water etc .. so now I couldn't find a job around where I lived cause I didn't have a car so I tried to sell the car but no one wants to pay the money I put in it they just want me to give to them for nothing I have bills to pay and try to get something to find a job now I'm behind on my house payments and there going to foreclose on me . they want the whole thing they wouldn't take payments and now my pluming is bad the toilets don't flash I tried Drano and snaking they just wouldn't flash any more please someone help me out I need some money to try to fix some of this bad stuff that keeps on coming my way can someone help me find away to save my house and car I really need help this has been a very bad two months for me please help out what you thank you for your time