christmas for my baby sisters

Deanna, Alabama

My mommy has been crying alot she try to hide it but she is upset because my daddy has to work 10 hours away n pay alot of his paycheck for a grungy motel room while he is there , theres only enough money left to pay some of our bills my mommy cant work bc somebody has to take care of us kids and she is going to school to be a nurse..i just sneaked her passwords on computer bc i dont want her to cry no more..I dont need any presents but my baby sisters still believe in santa and i want to find someone who can help them have christmas presents under tree, we dont need alot of money i can walk to thrift store or find yard sales to get presents an then clean them up like new..i will tell mommy i did this if anyone can help us with some money or some toys and i promise i dont need anything i just want my daddy to b able to afford gas to come home on christmas and some toys an warm clothes for my sissys please help us if u can