christmas and bills, im in desperate need of some help from you!

Pinknfluf, Mancheste

Hi everyone my name is Lisa and I've got 6 children whom I adore, there father left me just a few months ago, he told me that he was going to play snooker and 2 weeks later he returned married to another woman which left me and my family in an awful mess, I ended up in hospital as I had not eaten or drank for almost a month and as a result of this it has now come to light that I have chromes so on top of it all the 2 jobs I have I am struggling enormously to survive. Christmas this year is going to be a very small celebration and given the truth quite depressing, I don't even have a car to take the children to school which is over 3 miles away so life is tough, please kind hearted people I don't want sympathy I'm just asking if anyone is willing to help me and my family out? What the children have been through is through no fault of their own nor mine so any donation is greatly appreciated xxx