Change The world!

M0NK3YK1N, BC Canada

I have been a cook for the past 5 years, but have recently had to pursue a new career for medical reasons. Ii have struggled with asthma since I was 3, and also suffer from scoliosis, and PTSD. Finding a new career has been more than a challenge and I have found myself at local food banks to feed myself and my family. This is life, I know but the majority of the food i received from these banks was horrid! Every trip I receive more candy and cookies than anything with any real nutritional value, and Im told there isnt enough food for them to give me what a family of 3 would normally receive. So, I plan on starting a network of people in my community and others and get people to set up community gardens in there backyards to supply food banks with more healthy food to offer people who are struggling such as myself. Any help offered to me will be returned to my community in hopes of a healthy and brighter future for all of us! I look forward to the future with an open heart and open mind.