Caretaker/college student. Anything will help

hey everyone! Normally I wouldn’t do this kind of thing, but I’m really in need of any kind of help. My brother suffers from epilepsy that is extremely uncontrolled. I am his next of kin and I make all of his medical decisions as well as assist him with his bills. Due to this, I’ve had to take many nights away from work in order to be able to  go back and forth to the hospital to be with him. I am also in school currently and am attempting to keep up and pay for that also. I already work nightshift in order to try to make more to cover, but with as many nights I have to take off it just isn’t enough.
  •   Everyone needs help at some point.
Like I said, I would never normally do anything like this, but everyone needs some sort of help at some point in their life. The money I need isn’t a ton and I’m obviously not expecting to be given all of it. There are quite a few bills I’ve had to push to the side in order to cover other expenses and now it’s all catching up to me. I’m afraid of losing my home or my car if I can’t catch up on payments.  Just any little bit that could be put towards the bills that I’m so late on it would really help me.  Thank you so much. And god bless