Car help

Want to b, NJ

Long story short. I have been in a bad situation for some years. I have not had parental support..I am only now twenty years old and I am trying to go to college in the fall. I know I can do it if I just had a car. I have tried finding work and it is hard to find some walking distance..I have a valid license but that does nothing without a vehicle. I am temporarily staying around the area with friends but it is not permanent. I know I am about to be homeless and plan to find just.. a cheap car and live out of it (Id rather know that I have something that gets me there and that says Im not stuck sleeping outside at night, I am terrified of being homeless and sleeping outside.. I will not only be attending college, but will be finding work.) I will be moving to a different state with it and living out of it while I attend a college nursing program for two years. I really wholeheartedly appreciate any help I can get. It almost doesnt feel right to ask but... I am running out of options. It is for a good cause and Im trying to use it to become self sufficient. I just want to be self sufficient. I know its possible.. Thank you to all those who help me on my way to car ownership and the chance to do something with my life.