Car broken

Poorly mu, UK

My car is broken and needs approximately £500 of work on it to have it running again. This may not sound like much to some but I have no available cash and no one to borrow from. Without a working car I will not be able to get to my work and it is quite a desperate situation. So a bit about me: I am a single mum to three boys (all under 10) in the UK. I seperated from their father in May last year as he could not cope with my medical situation. I have battled through cancer since February 2011. Thankfully I am now in remission and have been officially since June this year. The car problems are frustrating as I finally thought we were out of the black cloud..... The seperation and illness caused me to borrow. I am now paying the price for this through interest and repayments. This is why I have no spare cash. However, my job is providing enough to see this balance reduce very slowly each month. If you make a donation to me then it will go directly towards fixing my car. Fixing my car allows me to work and to continue to move myself and my children into normality again. Thank you for anything you can give to help us.