"Car broke down in Merritt, BC on our way to Vancouver"

Anthony, Merritt,

Two guys from Denver, Colorado stranded in the beautiful little town of Merritt British Columbia CAN on our way to Vancouver. We took a chance on our older vehicle and it finally gave up going up a VERY steep hill. This is a trip we planned and dreamed of doing and worked hard to make it come true. The main objective of the trip was to visit, discover, and practice our photography in Amazing Canada! We were very fortunate to visit many of Western Canada's wonders and we almost made it all the way through. Unfortunately, as in many stories, something goes really wrong. The car couldn't make it up the hill and is now waiting at the repair shop to be diagnosed tomorrow morning. We shall see what the damage is. We suspect the cost of the repairs will be steep so we are bracing for impact. Since we're on the latter part of our trip, money is rapidly disappearing even when you're being frugal. And with unexpected situations such as this, expenses quickly amount. At the moment, we're staying at a local cheap motel where we will spend the night because, even after shopping around, there's nothing cheaper than $60.00/night. On a different note, we'd like to share a little bit about us so that you have some background on us. In addition to having a passion for photography, we are both experienced English/Spanish translators in Denver working for the school district for many years and the reason for sharing our story is so that you can help us in any way so that we could resolve our unexpected financial hardship and be able to continue our journey. It's not always easy when you're faced with a difficult and unexpected situation such as this one, in a foreign country and not knowing anyone here, but, with faith and your ideas, advise and encouragement, we will be able to make it through! Please let us hear from you.