Can\'t get out of a too expensive city without collecting money

Wanna hel, Zurich, S

Hey there =) I'm Silvano, I'm 24 years old and I'm begging you to help me with some different stuff than the rest on beggars. The situation is as following: I live in Switzerland and im an aprenticee as comercial clerk (or secretary if you want to). Originally, my native language is German, but for my job English and also French are very important since I'm working for Nestlé. That means that our clients and partners come from all over the world. Sometimes they even come from India or Sri Lanka (they're almost not understandable by the way ^^, but I think they're very interesting people due to their beautiful culture). I really love my job since its an amazing opportunity to see the rest of the world (America included in case you may want me to visit you some time :-)). And there begins my problem. Since im working and living in Zurich, a very expensive city to live in (it's comparable to New York and London, says Credit Suisse) i'm in financial problems. I didn't choose to live there, but there's no other possibility since I start working very early in the morning when no buses or trains are available and a car comes definitely more expensive than a flat in the city. To achieve my qualification, a diploma in English and French is needed to get access to the final exams. I gladly managed to get the tricky awful French (yes, I hate French, I hate it so bad, I don't even know how i managed to graduate it^^) but I now have to accomplish the English part. Because I'm already in debts by any friend of mine and my parents both aren't living anymore (they had an accident when they were climbing in the Swiss mountains in my teenage years), so there is actually no one to ask for money left. The clue is: If I don't manage to get the fee together, i cant start earning my own money, even if I speak English well enough (as you may have noticed), and get out of my financal problems. Im always making the best of my life and I guess your not thinking of me to be a depressive person =), but I just can't get out of this situation without your help. The fee for the Cambridge First Certificate English (FCE) is 360 Swiss Francs which means arround 405 US-Dollars If there is anything I can do for you (as an Example translate something into German) - just let me know =). Im not one of those who just beg and then don't care. So anyway if you donate or not: I wish you a good time and thanks for reading =). Also thanks alot when you decide to donate =) Greetings from Switzerland Silvan