Can Anyone help? Please?

Hello, I don't really know where to start, asking for help isn't really in my nature. The last 2 years have been quite difficult when it comes to money, we are finding it harder and harder to buy even the basics, We are not doing Great but  we are still battling on, as long as our daughter is fed! What we Really need help with is the vet bills for our very much loved family dog ($400) and Most of all we are trying desperately to raise some money so we can find a cheap 2nd hand car ($2000 to $4000), it doesn't have to be anything real flash it just needs to get us down to see my father and brother who live 9 hours away from us. My father is very sick, he has Cancer in the lungs and brain. We don't know how long he has left. I lost my mother to Cancer 3 years ago so i know how quickly things can change. My father and brother are all i have left (apart from my daughter and partner) and I want to spent as much time with my dad as i can, I want my daughter to know her grandfather! She never got to meet my mother and that hurts, and i can't change it! We live in an area where public transport is extremely difficult and expensive. In the end fuel works out much cheaper, if only we had a car. Traveling on busy buses with young kids is also quite hard, its a long time for a young child  to sit still. At least with a car we can stop when needed, we will have cheaper transport and a place to sleep if we get despite. We can stay at familys houses sometimes but they have familys too. So there will be a lot of  times when we don't have a place to sleep. My dad lives in a pub room so we can't stay with him, Though i wish we could. He needs help and care. Being so far away from him is breaking me apart.  I feel so helpless, I know hes scared, I seen what my mother went through with bowl cancer. Its Cruel!!  My brother also needs some help, he lost his only son 4 years ago, then when our Nan and Mum died it really knocked him around, I need to be there so we can support each other. We are a small but close family, its just hard being so far away and not being able to afford the bus tickets, I will need to do quite a lot of traveling and there is just no way i can do it. We can't even afford One single one-way ticket let alone multipliable tickets. If Anyone out there is able to help then Thank You So Very Much!! I know there are people out there who don't have a roof over their heads or any food what so ever. Though We are not that far off it, i Certainly don't eat everyday but my daughter does so i have to be grateful for that. So i do understand if people would rather help someone else. But please, if you are able to help in anyway it will be greatly appreciated. I honestly can not express my gratitude enough to anyone that is able / willing to help us.. Thankyou for your time. My PayPal / contact email address is