Brother\'s Hospital Bill due to Acute Pancreas Cancer

Dulce, Ward

I am a Filipino who is currently working in Singapore to support my family and 3 kids in the Philippines. My financial problem started two years ago when my father had a heart attack and needed to be treated. However, after much struggle, he passed away same year, 2012. Hence, I need to pay the hospital bill as well as the bereavement, which I need to loan for me to pay them. As my salary here in Singapore is quite low, when I tried to loan from a bank, I always got rejected. I do not have much choice but to borrow from money lenders which has 30% interest in return just for a month, which until now I am struggling to pay. Now, I do not even have funds to pay for my room rental as my salary is not even enough to pay the money lenders I owe as well as to provide support to my family in the Philippines. My eldest is currently in college, my second son is in secondary and my youngest is in primary. All of them will start their school this June, which I do not even have funds to support their studies. My family does not know my current financial situation except for my mom as I do not want them to worry much. Worst scenario happened 2 weeks ago, when my eldest brother had been diagnosed with pancreas cancer. The doctor said he needs to be operated to treat the tumor. However, as the tumor is too big, the doctors can no longer remove it as it will be dangerous to my brother's life. They only made a bypass operation to make way for the food as the tumor is in between his intestine and pancreas. Hence, the doctor suggested for chemotherapy after two weeks of operation. Right now, he is still in the hospital as he is not been fully recovered from the operation. However, as we requested for the temporary bill earlier, the bill is reaching PHP500,000.00 which God knows I do not even have $100 in my wallet. I am writing to you for the first time to seek help, please help me and my family for financial assistance and extend the life of my brother by undergoing chemotherapy. I am a Christian and I know that God will return your good deeds plentiful. If you will require some proof of admission of my brother as well as the temporary bill, I can provide, for your organization to confirm that I am seriously seeking assistance. I am begging your organization to look into my case and help me. I am not sure if your organization is helping this kind of nature, but I am trying my luck, with God's help and guidance, for your organization to review my plea and grant me my request.