broke teen with broke mom (USA)

hi. my mom makes around 9.6k a YEAR. basically all of her income is from government assistance because of her disabilities. the only extra income she gets is through gambling and lottery tickets. i have less than 10 outfits for school and i feel very out of place since i often have to wear the same things every week. i think people have noticed by now. it's hard to find clothes that fit me since it's hard to stay thin and healthy here. the cheapest and most convenient things to eat are often fast food. also, due to a lack of money, we have no idea how i'm gonna go to college. my mom really wants me to go to college because she doesn't want me to end up like her. it's heartbreaking to see her try to gather spare change for my future, and i know it won't work out for her. 10k is nothing for american colleges nowadays. so i'm not really asking for a lot. i just need a little help so i can plan my future better. my mom wants a better life for me.